19th April 2015 – Puppies!

On Sunday 12th April 15 at 7pm my beautiful Doberman Paris started to have huge contractions in her tummy after being in the first stage of her labour since tea time the day before.

The time had come for her to meet her tiny new puppies! At 7.10pm Paris started to push the first of her litter into the world.

With lots of love and encouragement from  myself and my friend Sophie a gorgeous brown Doberman puppy entered the world feet first.

After Paris had tended to the newborn beauty she allowed me to take a closer look at her new baby, I checked the puppy over to ensure it was breathing properly and that it was nice and dry I also discovered at this time that it was a girl. I looked inside the pups mouth to check that her palette was fully formed and intact- all seemed fine. At this point I noticed that the little puppy had a liny pink heart shaped nose unlike id seen before! I handed her back to Paris and watched them as they continued to bond.

Not much time passed until Paris was ready to push her second puppy into the world. Head  first came another gorgeous brown girl, this little beauty had a “nose” shaped nose as opposed to a heart shaped one like her sister had!

Paris had a further five puppies that night who all except the first girl had average looking noses!

Once Paris was settled with her new litter at around 12am we decided to google this “different” looking nose to find out what or why it might be different from the rest of the litter. We found after a quick google that some other breeds of dog had this heart shaped or split nose and that in some breeds it was just the norm.

The next day I decided to do a little more research just to ensure there was nothing different we needed to be doing for this little pup with the special nose.

After another google we soon realised that this split nose feature on this little puppy was actually quite rare, especially in the Doberman breed. In fact we only could find one other reported case in the Doberman breed   which was actually a cross breed in America. We read of stories where puppies born with this kind of nose had been abandoned or left unwanted due to the imperfection,  in some cases the pups had been euthanized because of it. This made me feel quite sad, why would any human abandon a puppy because of the way it looked? Would people do  the  same to a newborn baby if its nose was slightly misshapen? I would hope not! I carried on my research and I believe that what this puppy was born with is a cleft nose! Which I’ve found is actually quite rare. There are three rare breeds of dog  which are born with this kind of  split nose as standard, however as I say it is very rare to be found in a Doberman!

After realising just how special this gorgeous little lady is Ive decided to keep her in our family where I know she will be loved for who she is.

I have always believed that things happen for a reason be they good things or bad, and that out of every situation we are faced with there can always be good things come from it, sometimes its harder to find the good things in bad situations but if we look hard enough they can be found.

If I am to be completely honest (and I always am) when I first noticed this puppy’s nose I did think to myself it looked a little “strange” as I’d never seen anything like it before. But as the hours passed by and the more I observed this special little pup I   have to admit that her unique little nose made me start to think.

As I watched her with her littermates and Paris I noticed how she was being treat exactly the same as the other puppies – and why wouldn’t she be? I mean dogs don’t notice any difference with each others looks do they.? Its only humans who find negative faults in imperfections and different looks in each other. So I have decided that if there is to be a positive reason to find in this “different” looking pup I believe it to be that she has been born into our family for us to love her and her heart shaped nose. I believe she is a reminder for me that I need not feel negative when some things don’t go to plan! The biggest reason I’ve chosen to write this blog about her is that I have been putting off writing a blog for fear of it not being interesting enough or not really knowing where to start, who or which shoot to blog about and so on..

So this little puppy has made me turn a new leaf and after attempting to write blogs then giving up since January, my little pup has brought me a little boost and encouraged me to write.


Since I have decided to keep her in our family I now need a suitable name for this precious little love.

If you would like to suggest a name for her then I would love to hear from you! If  I decide to use your name suggestion I will thank you with a free photoshoot and framed print!

Thanks for listening to my rambling!

Love Nicola x



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