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Ever since I had my first daughter Phoebe, thirteen years ago, I started taking pictures of everything she did! Her first play at the park, first ice cream, first picnic etc. To be honest I went a little crazy with my camera and ended up with film upon film to develop each week. It was when she was around 3 years old that I realised I had quite a talent for capturing her real expressions, and friends and family kept telling me to go to college and do this for a living. I eventually took their advice and went to college soon after having my second daughter Paige. I got my qualifications in between having two more babies, Charlie and Kevin, (by now our house was becoming quite busy) in between changing nappies, feeding munchkins, entertaining four kids and all the housework and washing etc. I still found time to progress my talent for photographing children. I guess I had good practice really! My friends would see my framed work on my walls and ask me to photograph their children too, which I was more than happy to do.

A few more years passed, after I had my last baby Finley in 2009 I started to feel that my photography was never going to actually turn in to a business, so I was ok with the idea that one day when the kids have grown up a bit more then I would do something more with it, but for now I was happy to be a good mum with a good tribe which I could practice my photography skills on whenever I got the chance.

When Finley went to school full time in September 2013 I was absolutely lost, this was the first time in 13 years that I didn’t have a baby at home to care for during the day, I had an empty nest! So after a few weeks of feeling absolutely lost I realised now was the time for me to do something with my photography dream of having my own business. I was quite scared and nervous to start with and wondered if I really could do it, was I good enough? Or should I just leave it as it was being a mum with a dream? My husband Kevin who knows more than anyone how much I wanted to fulfil my dream of having my own photography business decided to take things in to his own hands and he set up a Facebook page and a website and told me to press the button to make the sites ‘Live’. Quite nervously I pressed the button and anxiously waited to see what would happen. In the next few days the ‘likes’ on my Facebook page kept going up and up, people were sending me messages congratulating me that I’d finally done it!

I was quite pleasantly surprised at how many people had shown interest and how quickly the ‘likes’ were growing. By the beginning of October my Facebook page had reached over 200 likes. I had also enrolled on an intensive photography and business course to start in November.

Things were starting to feel quite real by now and after completing the A-Z of Photography and Business course with Aspire Photography Training, I felt determined and ready to go.

Exhibiting my work at a couple of Vintage and Craft fayres I met Sophie Bennett at one in Urswick being held by The Crafty Cow Shed, and I immediately loved her designs and websites that she had worked on. I got in touch with her to discuss what she could do for me and my website. Like me Sophie too has a love for vintage and handmade things so I immediately knew she was the right person to re-brand and re-design my website. With my ideas and her brilliant design skills we came up with my logo which I absolutely love and think it fits so well with my business. Over the next few weeks she put more of my ideas in to reality and designed my new fantastic website, which now feels like it really belongs with my business ‘Made with Love Photography’.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Sophie Bennett for the work she has done on my site. She listened attentively and created exactly what I wanted for my business website perfectly. It’s turned out even better than I’ imagined and I am truly grateful, Thanks Sophie xx

Nicola Robinson

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Ulverston, Cumbria

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